This Pretty Casual Dining Restaurant Does Great Oriental Food!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Society Restaurant - The Ambassador. , One those places which always come up in my eye whenever I visit the town and it had always been on my wish list to dine at this place. Located on the ground floor of the beautiful Ambassador hotel. Yes, it's fine dining with a great variety to be offered for our palate. Reservation would come in handy in case you're planning to visit. The interiors are very elegant and the table set up was just on point. I loved the cutlery in particular.

Being a fin dining, they serve a variety of Indian and continental dishes but they have started up with oriental cuisine as well which we tried out. Good quantity in a single serving along with the appropriate presentation.

We started off with "Spicy Seafood Soup" which I didn't find out to be that spicy but the taste made up for it. It was absolutely delicious and refreshing and the best thing to begin with.

"Peking Pomfret" is what I would suggest. A huge portion of marinated pomfret fillets stir-fried with ginger, garlic, and chili. It had the perfect oriental touch to it with well-balanced spice levels. Decent portion for 2 people. Tastes much better when had with the sauces served on the table. Soy sauce was my favourite.

The "Shu Mai Prawn Dumplings" was also a great thing to be had. 6 generous steamed pieces served on our table. Also, it can be relished in pan-fried or chicken options. Prawns being my favourite and I was satisfied with the taste.

Our mains had to be something which comprised of rice and gravy. Upon the recommendation of the server, went for the "Chin Hai Chicken" with Cantonese Chicken Pot Rice (Chicken). Stir-fried chicken in red chilly sauce with pot rice, nothing could go wrong. Great recommendation by the team. Also, the quantity was way too much, can be easily had by 3 people.

Thus was the experience. Lovely oriental food and great service/ambiance. Also. can't wait to try out their other cuisines. Will visit soon. Cheers.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae

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