The Paper Window Has Crazy Furniture Made of Cardboard!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mumbai's space issues are legendary, but it ain't often that we find brands that mould their products around them. We're a city full of renters, and movable furniture is the need of the hour, at all hours, isn't it? Turns out, movable furniture can be super light, durable and waterproof too? AND made of paper?

The Paper Window has been crafting bar stools, seaters, tables and whole benches using a cleverly designed type of cardboard! Yep, this furniture is legit made of what is basically paper. The furniture is minimal, quite understated, very lightweight and SO cost-effective!

We think their products are the perfect addition to the urban (ever-moving) home, and especially great if you love experimental furniture! The range starts at INR 2900, and we think that's really reasonable!


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