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Nestled in the midst of stores offering OTT traditional outfits and kidswear, Waves is a music store that sets itself apart at Ram Maruti Road, Thane.

As we walked in, we spotted the usual assortment of keyboards, numerous guitars, dismantled drum kits, and harmoniums. Peek some more, and you'll find more foreign instruments - ukuleles, cajóns, and cabasas. Since most of us are only familiar with the usual, we were delighted to find out how the exotic instruments worked!

If you're the average newbie to music and can only play Wonderwall on the guitar (no judgement, bud), ask the store exec. about what type of guitar would work best for you, and have a good look at the sizes available. You’ll be overwhelmed by the nuances if you haven’t shopped for a guitar before. The simplest guitar will cost you around INR 4,000.

More of a pianist? Keyboards start at around INR 5,000, and they’re worth the investment because they’re good to use even if you were to take up music professionally. Looking to upgrade your equipment? They’ve got pricier keyboards and electric guitars as well - the keyboards can cost up to INR 25,000 and the guitars can cost a lot more, depending on your requirement.

If you’re looking to dabble in the craft and don’t want to go all in just yet, ask Waves about their secondhand instruments. They repair and refurbish old instruments too (so save this link!) and they can also sell them here. All in all, this is a store that will have you browsing (and making plans on how to pursue new hobbies) for hours.

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