Delicious Afghani Shawarmas Start At Only INR 60 At This Food Joint In Malad

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The Shawarma Fellow is an amazing eating joint in Malad and their Afghani shawarma is worth every penny.

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In Malad and hungry? We’ve found the most budget-friendly and delicious quick fix. With no ambience to boast about, The Shawarma Fellow is a new and small joint doling out delicious shawarmas that are filling and light on the pocket. Their Afghani {INR 80} and Mexican {INR 70} shwarmas are the best of the lot and we suggest you get yourself one of these the next time you’re in the vicinity. There are a few other options too, with the regular one starting at just INR 60. Located at Orlem, this joint is soon becoming a hit with the locals around and the flavourful aroma of the shawarmas is enough to lure in the passersby.

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If Lebanese food and a shawarma sounds like a great idea, then check out The Shawarma Fellow in Malad.


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