This Mumbai-Based Community Organises Holidays Where You Can Create & Discuss Art

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The Travel Of Art is a community in Mumbai that curates art workshops, organises art trips in and around Mumbai and sells handcrafted artwork.

Take A Trip For Art

The Travel of Art, was started off by Meghana Biwalkar two years ago is a group that has been organising lovely art trips in and around Mumbai. What do these art trips entail? Think of these trips as art holidays where you’re taken to a peaceful location {by the lake, in an artist villa or a homestay} wherein you discuss art and well, make art. These may be places of historical or cultural importance wherein you can genuinely learn a lot more about the local art and culture.

The point is to demystify the idea of an artist retreat, since there’s an intimidating aura to it.

What We Love

They have organised some really interesting trips and workshops in the past, and will continue to do so. In June, they organised an art trip to Sawantwadi in Konkan over the long weekend {where they also meet the area’s Queen aka Monarch}. They’ve also had a trip to Jawahar, a hill station near Mumbai known for its Warli art and more. These trips cost around INR 6,500 to INR 8,500 and include breakfast, stay and travel.

However, what we especially love about the group is that it organises really unique art workshops in the city regularly. From coffee art on canvas to upcycling workshop for kids, galaxy doodling workshop {happening on July 30}. The idea is to engage people with art and not limit it to the professionals. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in, if you have the interest and the liking for it.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re looking to do more than just a regular trip or are looking to unleash your inner artist and creativity in a productive manner, this group is the one you need to keep your eye on.

To follow their upcoming events, go to their Facebook here.


They also sell handcrafted products made by rural artisans and skilled workers.


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