Chill With Delicious Salads, Books And Music At This Oshiwara Cafe

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The Yellow Cup at Oshiwara is a quaint cafe that serves delicious healthy food and has good music playing all the time.

Chow Down

Do you cringe a bit when we say healthy food? We say don’t, because The Yellow Cup at Oshiwara is about to change your idea of healthy eating. Situated in Oshiwara, Andheri West, this quaint cafe has it all going for it – quick service, lovely ambience, amazing music and delicious food.

Their salads are divine, unlike any we’ve tasted before. You can also make your own salad, giving you the freedom to choose the ingredients that you like, the sauce that you love and the quantity is huge, so you’re pretty full by the end of it. With the mellow tunes playing in the background and plenty of natural light coming in, enjoying a meal here is really not tough {everything is awesome!}. They have a good collection of books that make for perfect company, and we feel the place is ideal for a lazy Sunday brunch.

So, We're Saying...

Go here to have tasty and healthy food, and if you’re a book-lover, your experience will be complete because they also offer books for company while you’re there.


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