Thecha-Flavoured Nut Butters: Meet My Newest Obsession, Y'all!

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Thecha Butter- 100gm

Thecha Butter- 100gm


What Makes It Awesome

We've all tried nut butters, but it isn't everyday that you find the humble saada butter presented in an all-new glammed-up way. While our imaginations only took us to the extent of garlic butter on toast... Little Treats treated us to the next level by making their butters sweet, savoury and spicy, too!

I LOVED Little Treats' Thecha Butter because it's a surprisingly versatile addition to the fridge. Glam up a boring sabzi, the usual Poha, or even fry up some paneer/tofu with it... It just works.

I'm excited to try the Mushroom variant, and I plan to mix it in with pasta, every single time I make pasta. I'm also excited to try the Mango Butter, because we all do what it takes to hold on to mango season, don't we? 


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