Bombay Canteen Has Some Of The Most Innovative Dishes We've Ever Had {Including Pulled Pork Theplas}

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The pulled pork Theplas are on the small plates menu at Bombay Canteen, and they are served as three Theplas per plate, so order accordingly.

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Bombay Canteen is one of the best places in Mumbai to grab an innovative meal which balances the best of regional cuisine, while matching it with the inventiveness of their chefs. It's got great cocktails as well, and the combination makes it a great spot for both after-work drinks and a late-night date spot.

One of our favourites is the pulled pork theplas. This dish is a great fusion of two classics which have been merged together to form a new-age dish which you'll love.

The crisps they add on top of the pulled pork complete the dish, adding a dynamism to the flavours.

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Try out the cocktails as they complement the small plates really well.

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