There's An Art Village In Panchgani Where You Too Can Create Art With The Locals

    What Is It?

    Started by Mandakini Mathur and Suresh Pungati, Devrai Art Village in Panchgani was started with a vision to connect with nature and celebrate creativity. A non-profit initiative started about 9 years ago, the village offer adivasi craftsmen a safe space to practice their craft away from their difficult and often Naxalite affected regions.

    The village is a 2-acre space where tribal artists living around collaborate to create wall art, puppets, murals, household products, statues, artefacts and more. The artists often mentor apprentices, also living in Panchgani, honing their skills, one piece at a time.

    How Do I Get There?

    About 250 kms from Mumbai, the nearest airport is Pune {120 kms away}. There are buses that ply from Mumbai and you’ll reach Panchgani in six hours. You can also drive down to this beautiful town. Trains ply from Pune to Wathar, which is 60 kms away.

    What's Unique About It?

    The fact that it’s a community trying to make a difference is unique enough for us to visit it. It has brought together people who needed an outlet for their skills in a peaceful environment. We love the idea of taking our set of skills to them and discovering a new environment and an interesting set of people.

    They are also known for Devrai Rock Dhokra – a process which they’ve invented and you won’t not find it anywhere else. The other processes they work with is the pot dhokra {terracotta & brass fusion}, fused metal craft, murals, tumba craft, jewellery, organic casting and iron craft.

    Anything Else?

    The village also opens up its doors to art enthusiasts and artists who’d like to experience the life there and contribute. You can go stay at the Devrai homestay, a room that can accommodate two people {INR 2,500 per night}. In case you are a group, they will be happy to accommodate you at the nearest homestay around the village.