Adult Toys To A Secret Society: 5 Things You Can Only Find In Fort

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Probably the only area in Mumbai with a lot of ‘secret’ places, Fort has some unique places and things to offer. So, pack some snacks and a bottle of water and head to this fun neighbourhood.

A Secret Society

The Freemason’s Hall represents the centuries-old secret society and community - the Freemasons. And the membership of the society is exclusive. Only the existing members can refer new members to join the society – and the existing members should’ve known the person for a long time.

There’s also a restaurant that calls the Freemasons’ building its home – The Goose & Grid Iron Cafe.

A Secret Museum

What if we told you that CST houses an obscure museum? If you amidst the chaos find some time, do stop by The Heritage Museum at CST. How To Make The Railway Pay For A War, Mills & Boons, as well as books by Daphne Du Maurier and John Grisham are some of the books we found inside the Heritage Museum.

You can even learn the mechanism behind the working of CST’s clocks here.

A Camera Street

Did you know there's an entire camera street in Fort?

We unraveled a few 40-year-old cameras, some known, and some not so much. Read our guide to a collector’s heaven, and a photographer’s mini heaven – the camera street. From vintage cameras to crazy deals, we found some gems here. Polaroids, the latest technology or a simple camera bag – you name it, they have it here.

A Place Where You Can Get Your Face On A Stamp

The General Post Office in Mumbai offers the My Stamp service which lets you print your face, a picture you’ve shot or pretty much any other photo of your choice on a postal stamp. The process to get them done is pretty simple- once you’re at the GPO, head to the philately section with your desired photo (soft and hard copies are accepted), choose the theme you would like, fill a form (for official records) and you’re done.

A Sex Toy Street

Located very close to Horniman Circle (again, no pun intended, but what are the odds?), this street is basically the entire footpath outside our beloved Kitab Khana at Flora Fountain. They have vibrators, massagers (ahem), lubricants and more at your disposal. It’s safe to roam around at and if you are looking to spend a day there.


Ministry Of New, a gorgeous co-work space, also calls Fort home. Read our guide here.


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