Here's What To Do At Little World Mall, Kharghar, Apart From Shopping

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Whether you're a Little World Mall regular or newbie, we think you can benefit from knowing what to do at the mall before, after and maybe during your shopping run. We've listed out everything you can do, beyond shopping, while you chill here with the fam, or bae, or friends. Read on!  

Catch A Movie at Carnival Cinemas

Carnival Cinemas are reasonably priced and have many shows running all through the day! We're sure you're always gonna have a flick or two worth catching. So kick back after a long day of retail therapy here, and take a friend/significant other/sibling/whole family along. It's a great way to spend some time together, no? 

Hair Xpreso

Famous for once having INR 99 haircuts, Jawed Habib's Hair Xpreso is a great place for a quick trim, a refresh of your existing 'do, or a quick cut for men. It's where you can head for a hair-refresh when you don't have the time to spare for the frills, or the budget. You'll be hard-pressed to find quality salons at their price point, so give it a go!

Kalmora Spa

Kalmora Spa offers quick reflexology massages and even foot massages to soothe tired feet after a mall run. And if you haven’t been mall-running at all, you could go all the way and opt for a full-body massage as well. What screams #selfcare more than a Spa Day? Nothing!

Subha Salon

Subha Salon offers all your basic salon services - haircuts, keratin treatments, manis, pedis, facials and so much more.The whole deal. Since you’re there, take a good look at yourself, and if there’s any polishing (or experimenting) needed, you might as well get it done.


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