Beyond Shopping: Here's What To Do At Infiniti Malad

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You can be sure that there’s a lot to do if you’re looking for time to kill (or judiciously invest… Your call!) in a mall that’s this massive. Infiniti Malad is a mastodon of sorts - there’s endless options when it comes to retail therapy for everyone. But if you’re still looking for things to do when your wardrobe’s updated, your shoes are all shiny, and your jewellery and makeup (if any) are all on point… This list will save the day.

Watch A Movie

This is a no-brainer, we know. But PVR’s a great place to catch up on the running action-packed movies, or that intellectual flick that’ll get you all the cool points. It’s a great way to spend 2/3/4 hours. Paired with super cozy, reclining seats, this is a great weekend #TreatYoSelf ritual, if you ask us.


We don’t think it’s fair to put an age group on arcades and mini rides. They don’t ever become any less fun! Head to Fun City on the 3rd Floor of the mall to enjoy spinning rides, a mini hoop session, a little carousel and even a mini rollercoaster! There’s also a mini trampoline park. Go crazy.

Get A Massage

Bodhi Thai Spa offers fish pedicures, quick reflexology massages and even foot massages to soothe tired feet after a mall run. And if you haven’t been mall-running at all, you could go all the way and opt for a full-body massage as well. What screams #selfcare more than a Spa Day? Nothing!

Switch Up That Wig

There’s an Enrich outlet within Infiniti Malad that offers all your basic salon services - haircuts, keratin treatments, manis, pedis, facials and so much more.The whole deal. Since you’re there, take a good look at yourself, and if there’s any polishing (or experimenting) needed, you might as well get it done.

Get 'Em Nails Done

Tip And Toe - The Nail Club is a nail spa that's got gel nails, acrylics, nail art and more. Man, aren't nails really having a moment right now? Jump in on that wagon here. They've got a whole team of technicians who'll have your nails looking like art pieces. You know you've always wanted to do it... Now's the time!


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