This Baking Supplies Shop In Bandra Is A Baker's Dream Come True

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What Did I Like?

Turning a rather lazy evening into something productive, we decided to hit up this shop on Linking Road for baking supplies. Called Arife Lamoulde, the shop has multiple outlets across the city but still remains a hidden gem somehow. We'll blame it on their Bandra outlet, that takes a bit to locate. It's across Shopper's Stop, in case you're interested!

The shop houses everything you can imagine when it comes to baking and more. Whether it's coconut flour {INR 80}, baking sheet {INR 200 for a roll}, chocolate moulds {INR 15} or cookie cutters {INR 200}, you will be surrounded by everything that makes a cake shop.

Not just that, but if you love making chocolate at home, like we do, we found out that they have a host of options when it comes to moulds and even cooking chocolate brands, Lindt Dark Cooking Chocolate being one of the options for INR 300 approx.

What Could Be Better?

We wish the store was a little more organised in terms of stocking but their staff makes up for it.

What's My Pro Tip?

There's no parking here so make sure you take a cab/rickshaw.

Anything Else?

Bakeries and dessert parlours are on their client list. Their products are well-priced and you won't feel like you're over spending.

Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai