This Cafe Is A Reminiscent Of Old Bombay With Vintage Vibes

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What Makes It Awesome?

Generations passed, fresh faces evolved, history took a turn but what remains is the cult legacy of the Irani & the Parsi culture in the heart of the city. Kyani & Co. established in 1904, by Khodamrad Merzeban in the dhobi taleo area of South Bombay is a place that will cast one's mind to the old era.

Started as a bakery serving items like Khari biscuit, bun maska, omellete & tea, it became a popular hotspot for tea lovers, foreigners and tourists at that time. Even after 115 years, Kyani & Co have been pleasing food lovers with a revamped menu including crispy chicken, muffins, sausages & fries. and of course coffee. The cafe is now managed by Farokh Shokri - the only son of Aflatoon Shokri who took over Kyani & Co. in 1959.

High ceiling fans, vintage furniture's, chequered tablecloth, large mirrors and the old Bombay vibes sum up the physical appearance of Kyani & Co. The cafe still gives you handwritten bills which need to be submitted at the cash counter. Come morning and the cafe barely has any space to accommodate you. Fresh aromatic smell and the pocket-friendly items you get to eat here can make anybody run of it.

We had Mutton Kheema Ghotala, one of the specialities not to miss. Then we tried the English breakfast consisting of poached eggs, fries, chicken sausages & beans. There are Pallonji's cold drinks only found in an Irani or Parsi cafe. You also get chicken patties and likes.

Despite, so much competition, the owners are not deterred by the consequences. They simply want to offer everything at a nominal price keeping in mind the paying customers.

So I explored this place and it's worth every visit. Truly a mesmerizing experience.

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