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Pescatarians, This Calendar Tells You Which Fish To Eat When {& It's Super Helpful}

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We stumbled upon a volunteer program called ‘Know Your Fish’, and peeps, here’s why it’s important for you to hear about it.

What Is It?

Considering India’s position as the world’s seventh largest seafood-producing nation, an organisation is trying to change the way India looks at fish consumption. Sure, we’ve heard that eating fish during monsoon may be a bit risky because they copulate during the season, but no source has solid info on it.

Know Your Fish is changing that. A calendar that lists down the types of fish available on the West Coast and when to eat them is aimed at keeping the balance of the ocean life intact. Want to know when to eat pomfret? Do prawns mate during monsoon? Is it safe to eat a particular fish during winter? Refer to it here and find out.

So, We're Saying...

The calendar is a great way to contribute to ecological balance, while keeping in mind what suits your body when during the year. You can also get monthly fish recommendations on your phone by typing JOIN {SPACE} KYFISH and sending it to +919220092200.