This Is The Place To Visit To Satisfy Your Tastebuds For Asian Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

A supper house like Yazu is hard to come by in this part of the city which is more inclined towards the pub scenes or late night parties. Hence having an alternative as creative as Yazu is of utmost need. Lokhandwala known for its party scene has got another reason to rejoice with some lip-smacking pan Asian curation paired with a lounge-type setup. This place dismisses the notion about Asian cuisine being inclined towards only meat lovers by having an extensive section for vegetarians to rejoice along with a small section dedicated to Jains.

We started with mocktails paired with small plates and later pairing another round of drinks with the mains.
-Yazu Signature Coko: Very unique in its taste due to a combination involving coconut and coke. Potent and sweet and pairs well with dimsums or small plates like the mock meat or moraiswase.

-Yasai Tempura Moraiwase: Various vegetable put through a simple process to achieve tempura and as the assorted version is presented which is more on par with bar bites. Just that here the horseradish sauce steals the show for me. Anyone who is drinking can surely pair this Appétizer for a drink. Recommended.

-Futomaki: One from the maki family of sushi, this signature fried sushi is something one wouldn't have tasted elsewhere. Switching on a different way from the usual raw variation this combination of iceberg, shitake, cream & vegetable gives you a new way to look at the preparation style. Recommend, totally worth it

-Strawberry & Orange Mojito: Avoided soda so both the drinks were prepared by mixing water. This was simple to the point fruit juice mixed with water. Plain simple.

-Ginger Kaafir Mule: One from the classic section of drink, this one without the soda, is more flavourful and strong primarily due to ginger and kaafir lime. The strong flavour ensures that you let the ice cubes melt a bit to attain a less powerful potion.

-Veg Chak Ho Rice: This signature Manipuri sticky rice has an unusual texture and is rice that can be consumed on its own without a need of a separate gravy on top. The other part is mixing the gravy would lose its taste. Very unique and worth a try.

-Hot Chocolate Souffle: The dessert section just simply has its high standard. This one was suggested by the manager and his confidence over the preparation ensured we dint have to give a second thought to it and simply order. The classic hot dessert paired with french vanilla bean ice cream will surely make you drool over it.

-The Chef's Mess: Mastery and skills on part of Mr Kapil have helped Yazu achieve a brilliant dessert. You name a thing and you have that as part of this chocolate dessert. The cream, brownie, ice cream, pure chocolate combined with some other fruit puree is a kingslayer for sure. Recommended

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.

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