Ten-Second Takeaway

A new eatery serving frozen shakes and mocktails called Cool Story has popped up in Khar {next to Hawaiian Shack}.

Drink {And Eat} Up

The new menu has an elaborate range of frozen drinks. There’s frozen peach green tea for INR 139, frozen mocktails made from imported fruits from Malaysia, green goblet {a semi-frozen lemonade}, and others. For coffee lovers, there are frozen lattes called Frattes, which are made with vanilla milk and coffee caramel for INR 295. These are fully loaded drinks, so pair them up with something light to eat.

Photo source: Cool Story

Photo source: Cool Story

Their food menu is a dip and crisp jam. Crisps include lavash, baked toast, toasted pita, nachos and even khakra. They can be paired up with jalapeno, peri-peri, french onion or roasted garlic from the dips section. They also have salads in case you want to opt for a healthier option.

So We’re Thinking…

Their shakes and frozen cocktails wins hands down if you want to voluntarily induce a brain freeze. Given the city’s weather, this seems like a cool place to let our hair down on a gloomy Saturday afternoon.

Featured photo source: Cool Story