This New Bandra Kitchen Is Serving Bacon Donuts And We're Losing Our Minds

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There’s a new delivery kitchen that has us pining for comforting meals in a bowl. And that’s exactly what they serve.

Chow Down

Bowl Baby Bowl is your dream come true if you look forward to noodles immersed in a healthy broth or Thai curry topped with pork, chicken or veggies served to you, at your desk. Since it’s monsoon, a bowl of comfort is all you need while you answer all the mails in your inbox.

You can order baby spinach citrus salad bowl {INR 339}, miso garlic fried rice {INR 322}, mini paos {INR 93}, salad bowls {INR 280}, rice bowls {INR 347} and more. Packed in bowls that are easy to eat from, the bowls definitely have our vote. Also, did we tell you about the bacon and salted caramel donut? It may be the perfect way to end a bowl meal and will cost you just INR 178.

So, We're Saying...

If you don’t like eating a North Indian meal that requires paraphernalia, go for bowls. They never disappoint.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai