This Newly Opened Place Serves Delicious Missal At A Affordable Price

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What Makes It Awesome?

Very rarely I give a 5 star to any place. Let me tell you the reason for my rating here.

A very small outlet in Dadar besides Plaza cinema stands this newly opened outlet dedicated for Missal. ( The House of Misal )

Visited this place recently and I was shocked to see the line outside. This place is always full and you must plan nicely before visiting.

Talking about the food we tried-
1) Tandoori Missal: Comes in steel plate with one Katori of Missal gravy and a nice big clay bowl which is covered and has the actual missal and farsaan that goes along with Missal Pav. There was another unique thing about this dish. On top of the farsaan was a piece of hot coal which gave a nice smoky effect to the whole Missal. Believe me when I say this, by far this is the best Missal I have ever had.
No other place can beat the Missal I had here. It's speechless.

2) Missal 73 - The outlet introduced this dish especially on the occasion of Independence day and as this was our 73rd year of Independence, the dish was named so. This was the basic Missal Pav with chopped carrot, Dahi and capsicum placed in a manner as if showing our National Flag 🤩 a very unique concept.

3) Tandoori Chai: I love chai but I'm not a fan of Tandoori chai as I feel it's too hyped but friends please try the tandoori chai here. It's amazing.

They have Missal majorly under 70 Rs and the people serving the food were super humble and kind

What Could Be Better?

Should have more brands in Town

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids

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