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    This place serves the giant saucy burgers you see on Instagram feed.

    Rajvi posted on 03 July

    What Did I Like?

    From single patty to multi patties in the burger with great sauces. Their barbeque sauce is a HIT! Vegetarian and Non vegetarian burgers are equally food and no one could go disappointed. "So full, can't even breathe" experience guaranteed. Recommended: The Big Daddy burger (veg or non veg) If you're up for a challenge try: The godfather

    What's My Pro Tip?

    It's located on the 5th floor so just find for a building with a bank on the ground floor opposite to St. Andrews church.

    Anything Else?

    DO. NOT. MISS. the Deep-fried Oreos. Literally one of the best dessert in the city 😍 Also, since the place is on the 5th floor, it has a great view.

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