This Andheri Cafe Even Drops You Home After A Drunken Night {Talk About Being Awesome!}

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What Makes It Awesome

So here's the thing about life, it brings you the best of places at the weirdest of times. It was one of those days, one of my best friends was leaving town for a new job and it was our last night out as Mumbaikars in the city. Henceforth, we decided to go someplace nice. But I got tied up at work and we ended up in Chandivalli. And this time we were too bored to even call for a rickshaw. So, we walked and ended up there!

While it's first glance may deceive you, don't ever judge a book by its cover. Gurukripa is full of pleasant surprises. Since and drinks all at the same time.

In no time we were served with our (very potent) Jager Long Island Ice Tea, a house exclusive! This was followed by a whole range of delectables (mostly vegetarian). And mind you, I don't generally compliment the vegetarian food. But it was actually that good. From the paneer pakodas to the simple dal khichdi, everything was finger-licking awesome! The tandoori chicken was made to perfection and even the masala peanuts were well done.

After sitting inside for an hour or so, we agreed upon trying their open-air section, cutely called Oopar! And it was pure bliss! The music was soothing - from Coke Studio to Arijit Singh, the place is a must visit for all Hindi music lovers! They have special offers on all days and this time it was one on one on all cocktails. So we sipped on our Cosmopolitans in Carrie Bradshaw style until we could drink no more. Post 10pm, the place turned fully Bollywood but not in a cliched way. They screened all Ranbir Kapoor songs with people singing along happily! As we were about to call it a night, they played Sadda Haq and ironically singing along, we called for the cheque in this GST stricken world. So our surprise, it was just Rs. 3500. YES! For all that we called for.

What's My Pro Tip?

You can't miss their signature Jager Long Island Ice Tea and Masala Peanuts. nothing lifts my mood up better than food, my friend simply grabbed the menu and began ordering - starters, main course

Anything Else?

If you bring your car with you, simply give them the keys and chill! After a drunken night out at Gurukripa, they make sure you reach home safely with their in-house drivers dropping you and your car back.

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