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    Miracle Alert: This Wallet Can Hold Your Money, Cards, Charger & Headphones

    Shalvi posted on 23 November


    Always wanted a wallet that lets you carry all your essentials without looking bulky? Then check out the new roll up wallet from The Postbox.

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    The roll up wallet is a unique, one of a kind wallet launched by the web portal, The Postbox, and boy, are we loving it or what? It’s wallet enclosed within a cord case, made of 100 per cent genuine tan leather, and it comes perfectly handy when you travel on road trips, on short vacations or even when travel light and have more than one item to carry through your day.

    It has neatly divided sections- four card holders, one money pouch with an enclosed zip, three cord holders and one pocket for a charger. Isn’t that simply amazing? Once you’ve neatly put in all the items, simply roll the gorgeous wallet and get about doing your business. It’s very light and easy to carry, and priced at INR 2,129.

    So, We're Saying...

    We love how this wallet looks and we think it’s super convenient for those who’re always on the go and want everything they need dumped into one compact case.

    Click here to shop for this beauty.

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