This Store in Goregaon Stocks Snacks, Dried Fruits, and Killer Dabeli

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What Makes It Awesome

Jitendra Stores in Goregaon is a bit of a local landmark. Most homes in the vicinity (and beyond, we're sure) are loaded with snacks, fritters and all things that accompany the afternoon cup of chai.

The store looks unassuming when you pass by, but here's what's special here - they stock well over 30 kinds of khakras, 40 types of farsans, and even freshly made sweets and snacks. On the shelves, you’ll also spot dried fruit, in case you wanna stock up on ‘em.

You can be rest assured that they have diabetic-friendly variants of many products, mithai included - we spotted a yummy-looking spread of anjeer-based sweets. All low-sugar.

In the mood for culinary experimentation? They've got taco shells, Thai curry powders, unflavoured nachos, pasta, and many types of ready masalas. Apart from food, they’ve also got sugarcane juice powder (yes, who would've thought that's possible?), tons of homemade pickles and murabbas, and even dips, sauces and spreads. They'll also dehydrate food for you at reasonable rates if you need it to carry along for long trips!

The best part about Jitendra Stores, though? The dabeliwala that sets up his counter at 5:30pm. The dabeli here is amongst the best I've ever had, and he is super generous with the filling! We recommend you get there early to avoid the (long) queues for dabeli each evening.

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