Struggling To Find Shoes That Fit? This Brand Has Footwear For The In-Betweeners!

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What Makes It Awesome

Sometimes, it can get pretty damn hard to buy the most basic pairs of shoes. Sometimes, its not just a compromise on comfort, but on your style quotient, too! This problem is nipped in the bud by Tiesta.

The sizes vary from 34 - 44 (European Sizes) which is so rare to find. What's more delightful was that we had found a Pandora's box of Flats: open ended, strappy, one-toe flats, knots and bows, there was so much that could potentially suit anyone! Balancing subtle with stylish, these shoes are hand made by artisans, fit to your size. They are also extremely customizable and provided a range of neutral colour options: even in heels.

What caught our eye were the feathery stiletto heels which looked straight out of a Hollywood movie! Tiesta had brought a one stop solution to narrow and broad feet, thus eliminating the sizing hassle. If you have an in between size which no brands carry, then these are the perfect pairs for you. They also have a Tiesta Basics section which provide shoes suitable for everyday non-occasions. If you’re not into slip on  flats and want to skip that trend in its entirety, then head onto their adorable sneakers section called “Tieskers”. You can also customise the colours of your sneakers to suit you. A whole lot of their comfy shoes are on LBB, so, shop away! 



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