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Today, there are a zillion options for avid readers like you and me to know what's happening around us. While some prefer staying glued to the tv channels, the others prefer scrolling through their social media to stay updated. And then there are others who love everything in one single email. And that's why we're always on a hunt for amazing newsletters we can subscribe to. Newsletters are actually the best, aren't they? They give you the best-curated content in one email. They are super engaging. And lastly are a quick option to glance through the latest happenings in the world.

Over the years, newsletters have got better and better - from tapping into niche genres to making it visual and more fun. Here are some newsletters which will make you love your inboxes a little more.


BBC Good Food

Foodies, stay updated with the latest food trends, brand new recipes, new openings or launches with BBC's Good Food newsletter. Spoiler Alert: those amazing food images which might leave you drooling. 

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Food trends, nutrition tips, top season ingredients you can use.

Duration: Daily

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Bon Appetit

We've loved this website for their deep insight into the latest food trends, clean visuals and the great reads on the culinary industry and dining recommendations.  

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Food trends, restaurant reviews, recipes, cooking tips & lot more.

Duration: Daily


Another go-to for staying upbeat and knowing everything about the food industry. While they do not have much news around India, you're sure to get great insights from other cities across the world. They've got 4 options to choose from based on your preference - Eater Today, From The Editor, Add To Cart, The Move.

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Biggest food news, product picks for food lovers, pro-tips from experts.

Duration: You can choose if you want the newsletters daily or weekly.

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The Skimm

If you want a quick glance of the biggest news stories every single day, this is the newsletter for you. The newsletter starts with a 'quote of the day' and then goes further to explain one big news story of the day. As you'll scroll down, you'll find multiple news stories which you can quickly glance through.

What To Expect In Your Inbox: News stories, explainers, podcast recommendations and more.

Duration: Daily


These guys need no introduction, folks! With loyal fans across the globe, Vox has been our go-to for news explainers, detailed videos and fun series (Vox Border fans, anyone?). Just like their website, their newsletters too are well-explained, detailed and you'll only exit with new insights and facts. You can choose from Vox Sentences, Recode Daily, VoxCare, The Goods, Vox Borders, Future Perfect.

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Biggest news stories, explainers and lot more.

Duration: You can choose the duration from 5 times a week, weekly, twice a week etc.


This one's for hardcore news lovers. They've got tons of newsletter options to choose from. Apart from the usual news one, you can opt for books only newsletter, politics heavy one, education, healthy, music, shop and many many more. We hear their Pop Culture Happy Hour is quite a great one. 

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Daily updates on the most trending stories, breaking news, health and education and lot more. 

Duration: Daily Or Weekly


Well + Good

Well+Good is a great newsletter to give a shot if you're particularly interested in the health genre. From skincare and treatment to relationships, their website covers health in a fun way which is not taxing.

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Covid-19 related news, nutritional and diet tips, health articles, fitness, expert tips and lot more.

Duration: Daily

Health Line

Owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, these guys have curated an entire newsletter for just that wherein you can receive daily updates about the pandemic in your inbox. Apart from that you can opt for other types of newsletters like Wellness Wire, Women Wellness, Nutrition, Parenthood, Heath Aging, Move Your Body Challenge and many more. 

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Health tips and news, fitness, relationship and more

Duration: Daily, twice weekly or weekly


My Domain

Looking to consume something feel good and maybe just light? This is the newsletter for you. Expect lots of soothing photos, detailed yet fun features and expert advice and tips. 

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Home decor, wellness and food tips. Mainly great features and pieces. 

Duration: Daily  

Country Living

Country Living gives you a great insight into the latest trends, topical and seasonal news fads, and home decor. 

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Wellbeing and home tips, advice for pet parents, gardening, trending recipes and home decor.

Duration: Daily

Elite Daily

These guys really ace it when it comes to maintaining a great mix of lifestyle, fashion news, pop culture and wellness. Expect features on the latest show on Netflix, Insta-worthy dishes everyone's talking about, popular music releases, shopping recommendations and a lot more.

What To Expect In Your Inbox: Fashion tips, latest fad or trend, dating and relationship advice and a lot more.

Duration: Daily


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