Inspired By Travel: We Found Pocket-Sized Perfumes & Scented Fragrance Bars

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What Makes It Awesome

I am a closet perfume hoarder. This is a fact. But the thing is,  I am extremely picky about the fragrances I buy - nothing that's too sweet or fruity works and those musky scents? Forget it! So when I come across brands that offer a pocket-size perfume at a reasonable price, you can bet I'll be excited. And if you, like me, also love to travel, is there a better find than a perfume that fits in those transparent Ziplocs?

That's why I was so excited to find Fernweh. A fragrance brand that specialises in travel size perfumes. The name Fernweh itself means wanderlust or a longing for distant places or travel (German), and how beautiful a concept is that, right? The idea behind making these pocket-size perfumes is that it should be easy to carry and smell fresh through the day without lugging around a huge bottle that adds weight and takes up space. 

The collection is divided up into men's and women's fragrances and we're loving the names - Dense, Riviere, Dew and Autumn. I love florals and am eyeing the Dew, which starts with a citrus note that settles into a floral blend with citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus and sandalwood adding a depth. And to be honest, the Riviere from the men's range, a bergamot, grapefruit, lavender and cedarwood with marine notes sounds fab as well (I'm all for picking a fragrance to suit your mood and taste over an ascribed gender!). I also love the concept of the fragrance bar for the closet. I usually have a potli of potpourri hanging in there to keep the clothes fresh, but this seems like a great alternative as well. Currently they have an Autumn bar - vanilla and floral with pressed flowers - we hear they stay fragrant for up to 3 months.

Prices are pretty affordable and you get 15ml perfumes from INR 379 to INR 429. Gifting options start at INR 929.

What Could Be Better

If you love the fragrance, getting a 15ml bottle may not be cost-effective or enough. Plus we can't help thinking of all that extra packaging too. 


We loved their range of gifting options and the Premium Gift Hamper (INR 1,350) might be ideal for that friend who loves perfumes and loves to travel.