Want A Smooth Camping & Trekking Experience? Here's A Guide To What You'll Need

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If you're an avid trekker, or a clueless beginner, or someone who wants to experience beauty in its rawest form but doesn't want to go with a group, this list, my friend, is for you. We've all missed living the outdoor life for a long time, thanks to Covid and lockdowns. But hey, with things gradually falling back in place, we're ready to go out and about, aren't we? Now to make your trekking and camping experience seamless, there are a few cost-effective and worth-every-penny essentials that you may want to own. Read on and plan that trip, guys!  

A Waterproof & Sturdy Rucksack with Cover


Basics like a well-made, spacious rucksack can do wonders. It doesn't just look cool and give you all the feels, but also divides the weight equally on your shoulders, something that most small backpacks cannot really do. So while you're carrying the world on your back, you might as well buy the best from the lot. Get your hands on the 60 or 70 liter rucksacks, they're the most spacious, and they ease the process of carrying things while trekking/camping. Oh and while you're anyway buying the rucksack, it's a good idea to invest on a waterproof raincover because the weather gods usually take unplanned turns. 

Get The Rucksack From: While Quechua is the leader, you could also go a little beyond that and look at Wildcraft, Gregory Mountain, or a cheaper brand like Trawoc. 

Get The Raincover From: You'll get a cheaper raincover option at Decathlon, but most rucksack companies provide a raincover along with the rucksack. 

Shell Out: INR 2,500 onward for rucksacks from Quechua 

A Mosquito Repellant Net For The Tent

Styleys Foldable Double Bed Mosquito Net

Just when you've begun to settle down post setting up your tent, there's this irritating sound of a mosquito who's sole purpose in life may just be to suck your blood. For times like those, and also when an Odomos fails, you can welcome a super cool mosquito repellant net for your whole tent. These are easy to set up, are foldable, and don't really cost much. So if you don't want to have sleepless nights in the wild or the woods, buying this will be a lifetime investment. 

Get The Net From: Amazon has a lot of nets for a lower cost

Shell Out: INR 799 onward

P.S: If you're also looking at buying mosquito repellant creams along with the net, these brands can help you out. 

A Portable Water Purifier

Portable Water Purifier

We agree that there's an undefined thrill in drinking up from waterfalls while hiking up the hill, but there's no excuse for not following safety measures. For longer hikes, and for camping, we think a portable water purifier is a good buy. They remove the bacteria while filtering out bad water, and can usually filter up to 1000 liters per day. 

Get The Purifier From: Lifestraw is a great company for these portable water purifiers. They're easy to clean and durable too. 

Shell Out: INR 1,200 onward

A Fire Starter For That Perfect Bonfire

Fire Starter

We've all struggled there, haven't we? Bonfires look easy from a distance, but the process of collecting wood, setting it up, and lighting it right, is real art. And let's not forget how the winds never favor us.  However, to ease the process, you can carry a fire starter with you. There are multifunctional fire starter kits with a magnesium rod, a serrated striker, compass and an emergency whistle. The rod helps in withstanding the repeated strikes. And these fire starter kits can help you light a bonfire in almost any condition. 

Get A Fire Starter From: We found this reliable brand called Eassymall that has great fire starters.

Shell Out: INR 650

A Mini Air Cooler

Mini Air Cooler

For times when you're running out of breath while hiking, or for times when the weather gets really humid around your campsite, we'd recommend you buy a tiny air cooler. Most of these air coolers have adjustable wind speed and can be charged via USB cables. They don't just cool you off, but also purify the air around you. 

Get Air Cooler From: Again, Eassymall has great mini air coolers too. It's a tad-bit pricy, but you can allways check out cheaper brands at Amazon. 

Shell Out: INR 2,000 onward for Eassymall; INR 300 onward from Amazon

P.S: There's also a brand called Dobby Air that makes masks with a mini fan inside them. You can get your hands on that too. 

A Solar Power Light Bulb

Solar Powered Light Bulb

Trekking in the dark may not be such a great idea. Get yourself this ultimate investment- the solar lower light bulb. It helps you hike, eat, camp, and do anything that you want to (and also makes the process of going and peeing in the wild easy and less dangerous) We found a lightbulb that has a built-in 1,800 mAh battery, efficiently collects solar energy during the day, and also helps you charge your devices. Now that's a package deal, no? 

Get Solar Power Light Bulb From: Terrabrite is a great brand to buy these from. Their lightlubs are portable, lightweight, very sturdy, and durable.

Shell Out: INR 799 onward

A Swiss Knife (Especially If You're A Woman, Sigh!)

Swiss Knife

Venturing into the woods (or the wild) is all fun and games but one has to be extremely careful- of the wild, and of other potentially dangerous human beings too. Especially if you're a solo female traveler, you better carry your arms along with you. And even though it's a sorry state of affair, you need to protect yourself. Get a Swiss knife to attac when you're attacked on, ladies! These also help in cases of uncalled for burglaries. 

Get Swiss Knife From: Victorinox is the best brand for swiss knives. But you can get good ones at Ikea or plenty of options at Amazon too. 

Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward

P.S: Buying a pepper-spray can be the cherry on your cake! 

A Portable Coffee Maker

Portable Coffee Maker

This one's not too high-priority because we don't really know if you're a chai or a coffee person. But if you're living and breathing the latter, and if it energizes you like nothing else would ever do, then buying a portable coffee maker will make your camping experience fun. Take a nature-break, make your own mug of exceptionally good coffee, pour it, and watch the clouds go by. 

Get Portable Coffee Maker From: Instacuppa is a good option from Amazon. It's this 600 ML French-press coffee maker with measurement markings, a heat-resistant borosil base and a superior filtration system. 

Shell Out: INR 1,499 onward


Apart from these trekking and camping essentials, we hope you're buying a good tent for yourself that's easily foldable and can be carried in your rucksack. Don't forget to carry your glares, sunscreens, and wearing a sturdy pair of hiking shoes.