Build Your Collection Of Heels With This Brand By Preksha Dhabaria


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    What Makes It Awesome

    Preksha Dhabaria is bringing back those classic peep toes and pumps which have been relegated to old Bollywood movies. How badly did we want those pumps worn by Deepika in Cocktail when she went to those glorious parties? Here’s a brand which brings those shoes out of the movies and straight to your door-step.

    From glossy silver and gold pumps, to cheeky red ones, to black suede heels, they have it all. We’re also mesmerized by their gold and rose gold mules, which look ever so shiny. They also have a variety of oxford shoes and brogues, all under INR 2,500. What’s more, they also provide dress shoes for men in patent leather, which look super swanky and posh.

    Price: All their shoes are in the range of INR 1500- INR 4000. It's about time to treat yourself, and this is the perfect place to start.