Qahwa On The Rocks Or Baked Mutton Patty: This Cool Cafe Is Where You Should Be At

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What Makes It Awesome

An Instagram photograph introduced me to Tripper in Andheri's Sab TV lane and that's as millennial as it can get. I've been a huge fan of writer-director Imtiaz Ali, and when I laid my eyes on the B/W photograph on his IG profile, that read 'Tripper Cold Cafe', I had mentally bookmarked the place.
The cafe's all yellow on the outside, with a glowing red inverted 'Tripper' written on top. Tiny yellow light bulbs hang from the ceiling in the outdoor section, and we couldn't help but point and shoot (aren't we all suckers for warm, fuzzy fairy lights?) One of the glass doors has 'Soda Shop' and 'Softy' written on it, and the items that the cafe specializes in - shakes, coolers, tea, coffee, pastries, and snacks made with unique ingredients. You'll notice a grand Ronisch piano at the entrance and a bar stool for you to sit on and put your fingers to use. However, what really impressed us (apart from the piano and the scrumptious food marathon we're yet to tell you about) are the wall carvings of Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson done directly on plaster as decor, and the Samavar (traditional kashmiri kettle to brew your kahwa) on each table. Tripper, apart from its name, is partly Kashmiri in ways more than one. The owner, Mahir Aisha, whose origins lie in Srinagar, decided to start this joint and grace the Mumbaikars with fresh, homegrown food, fused with spices and condiments from the valley. Every corner that you see here is larger than life. There's a rugged photo frame that has a Laila Majnu film quote written on it. Mahir's husband has been a storyteller in Bollywood films like Cocktail and Laila Majnu, so you know there's drama in the room while you chow down.
Let's get talking about how soul-satiating our food was. Mahir suggested we start with a Chocolate Cake Shake (and you always listen to the owner for the best experience) which had real, and generous chunks of cake pieces, cream, and an overload of chocolate sauce. Next up was the Chicken Bomb Sandwich, served with potato wafers and mushrooms on the side. The filling had a Kashmiri version of mustard sauce, and honestly we could eat that everyday. The bread and ingredients are all baked at home, and its not too heavy on the tummy. Our thirst needed another beverage, so we ordered a Blue Freeze, which is also a house specialty. Super chilled and full of flavours, this was a relief on a particularly humid evening. The Chicken Chilly Cheese Toast is also a must-try here. A plate has four medium-sized pieces that can serve as dinner. We were told that all meals at Tripper end with a Qahwa, and the chaivinist inside us couldn't really keep calm. This concoction of kesar, almonds, and tea, served out of the Samavar, is a boon. You can club them with some almond rusks. What you can also try here are the meat patties, they're baked and super flavourful.
Tripper Cold Cafe goes beyond food. With a menu that's handmade using different color pencils and crayons, and an ambience that attracts artists, performers, and food lovers, this labour of love is right out of the cafes we've seen in films and we've already pinned it to our weekend plans. What about you?

P.S: Everything here ranges from INR 150 to INR 500. So it won't burn a hole in your pocket. Also, there are a lot of board games for any of you who'd like to indulge in some fun.

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