Dance Your Heart Out To Commercial Music Past 3AM At This Club In Lower Parel

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Tryst in Lower Parel has been a Mumbaiite’s initiation into the world of clubs since many years {it’s got a makeover many times}, and still remains a favourite among the young guns.

Shut Up And Dance With Me

The big, bad world of clubbing usually has a start, and that for most people in Mumbai is at Tryst {or any of its avatars before that: Fire and Ice, Ra, Play, Ra Again}. Tryst is located inside Skyzone mall at High Street Phoenix. It’s a nightclub with a massive dance floor to boast of, and some really commercial music. We hear that it goes slightly Bollywood towards the end of the night too.

The entry to Tryst starts only at around 11, and party usually goes on way past a struggling adult’s bedtime {official timing says 3am, but we keep our bets on even later}.

The drinks and entry – all come at an expensive price. What should you order? Definitely the LIIT {or not} because it is extremely potent and will keep you afloat for a few dances, at least.

On weekends, there is no stag entry and couples entry is INR 3,000. Other standard club rules apply here.

So, We're Saying...

We don’t have much to say but the golden tips on clubbing: don’t reach there too early, and do pre-game and pre-eat before heading to Tryst.


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