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    Turkish Affair: Salted Caramel Baklavas Have Come To Mumbai And They're Mind-Blowing

    Jayati posted on 23 August


    In the mood for some authentic delicious baklava this festive season? Then, make your day sweeter with Turkish Affaire which is serving some of the best baklavas in the city.

    With Love, From Turkey

    A trip to Turkey that resulted in the start of something delicious – that is the story behind Turkish Affaire, and it’s as dreamy as it sounds. Neeta Talreja took a trip down to the magical city of Istanbal back in 2015 and that’s where she discovered the secrets of this sweet Turkish filo pastry. After speaking to shopkeepers and makers of baklava there, Talreja decided to make it at home. Voila, it was the start of something sugary and delicious.

    Talreja, along with her daughter-in-law, Itchha Talreja {who also designs wedding invitations} decided to do try these baklavas at home, and served it to their friends and family. They found the response to be really positive and that’s when they decided to launch Turkish Affaire in its full glory.

    What We Love

    Talreja makes these baklavas at home, and they are currently available on Scootsy. The delicious, sugary baklavas come in three flavours – mixed nuts {pistachio, cashew nuts and almonds}, salted caramel, and dates and walnuts.

    All of these baklavas are vegetarian {as they are eggless}, and can be delivered across the city. A box of 15 pieces will cost you INR 875, and an assorted box goes upto INR 1,000. However, if you’re looking to place more orders, you can simply get in touch with her. Orders preferably need to be placed two days in advance.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you haven’t tried the Turkish sweet, you’re in for the sweetest surprise. Turkish Affaire offers one of the most authentic and delicious baklavas in the city. And you don’t need to go to go to Turkey for it.

    You can find them on Facebook here.

    Order on Sccotsy here.

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