UFO's Fries And Corn Are Out Of This World, And Safe To Order!

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What Makes It Awesome

This is probably peak timing for comfort food cravings. While we’re all whipping up recipe after recipe and striking them all off our personal lists… Sometimes, you just need a sinfully large helping of perfect fries. With toppings loaded on top. The kind you can’t make at home because… You want it presented to you, that’s why. Many of us are extra wary of ordering in, right now, and that’s fine. But eateries have taken charge, and have gone the extra mile to make sure their food is safe, sanitary and delivered to you just that way. More than ever before!

UFO Fries is no exception. They’re following WHO guidelines, so you can be rest assured that your cravings are now 100% safe. So go ahead, entertain them. Get your fill of Potato Twisters, Paneer Burgers, Cheese Nuggets and Makhani Corn. It’s pretty pocket friendly, too, so go crazy!

Price: Starts at INR 70