The Inside Out Pizza Is The Latest Food Trend In Mumbai & We're Super Intrigued

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A food joint in Kemps Corner has us drooling in confusion with their famous inside out pizza. They call it the ulta pizza.

Ult{r}a Good

The eponymous Ulta Pizza is the experimental snacker’s to-go joint in Kemps Corner. Here, the quintessential pizza is available with a twist, it’s turned inside out. 

The pizza base is used to also cover the pizza from top, and the two are sandwiched together with the sauce, cheese and toppings in between.

For pizza purists, that is not the end of the blasphemy. They have wacky combinations that they have used instead: they have made a kurkure ulta pizza, which will either amuse or disgust you.

Apart from that, they have other varieties such as the baby corn biscuit pizza, olive chitin pizza, shezwan pizza and more. The ultra pizzas are priced INR 130 upwards.

So, We're Saying...

The word on the street is that the you will either love or hate the ulta pizza.


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