Ummrao: A Culinary Extravaganza From The Royal Kitchens

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ummrao celebrates the Ruhaniyat cuisine of the Nawabs. Ummrao is a culinary extravaganza from royal kitchens of Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Faizabad.

☸ Ambiance - Elegant Decor reflects the royalty of Nawabs. I loved the beautiful flower chandelier in the middle. Well lit place with a comfortable seating arrangement with a beautiful bar near the entrance. They also have a private dining room for small events or parties. The ambiance is royal and classy. Loved the table setting very precise and those flowers will surely melt your heart. They carry their table and first place the food on the table and they serve it to you. Their hot towel will make you feel like a Nawab. Kudos to the team of Ummrao for such a spectacular service.

☸ Service - Staff is extremely polite and on their toes always ready to help. Well versed with the menu and extremely courteous. Special thanks to Mr. Rishikesh, Mr. Sumeet, and Mr.Ketan for taking good care of our table. They knew exactly what went into the dish and suggested some amazing dishes. Also, special thanks to Mr. Chiranjeev (supervisor) for being there throughout. Kudos to the team for such remarkable hospitality.

My Nawabi journey started with complimentary Shorba. It was accompanied by sweet potato crisp. Shorba was light and with balanced flavors.

☸ Mocktails - Mocktails and cocktails were made of natural ingredients and tasted exceptional.

❄ Noor (must try) - Goodness of apple, kiwi, and ginger with homemade coriander and litchi syrup. Beautiful looking drink which tasted equally good. It was very soothing.

❄ Ba-Dastoor (must try) - Kudampuli Tamarind, Lemon, and Mint muddled gently and fizzed with Ginger Ale. It was very refreshing and soothing.

☸ Cocktails - Each cocktail was named after a mixologist a perfect way to pay them tribute.

❄ Jim Meehan (must try) - Bartender owner of revolutionary secret cocktail lounge 'Please Don't Tell' (PDT) came with this masterpiece.
Smokey cocktail. A very strong and tipsy Whiskey based drink. Recommend for whiskey lovers.

❄ Julie Reiner (must try) - Like saunders Reindeer was an apprentice of Dale Dear Groff and continues his legacy. She had gone to develop her signature take on the classic using superior and market-fresh ingredients.
Muddled up peaty whiskey, fresh ginger syrup, honey water infusion topped with orange peel ginger candy crush.
Strong and soothing drink.

☸ Appetizers

❄ Awadhi Paneer (small plate) - Awadhi paneer served on a bed of Halim. Well cooked and flavourful. Amazing flavors. One of the best pant dishes I have tried to date. A must-try.

❄ Galouti Shatawar (must try) - Zaffrani paratha topped with Galouti Shatavar. It's their signature dish. A burst of flavors in your mouth. Something unique, definitely worth trying.

❄ Tandoori Kesri Zinga (must try) - Tandoori Kesari Zinga was served with raw Papaya salad. Three big sized tiger prawns topped with crispy lotus stem. Perfectly cooked and juicy. It was impeccable.

☸ Mains

❄ Hyderabad Tamatar Kut Malai Paneer (must try) - Tomato-based rich gravy with Malai Paneer and Ricotta filled Bhavnagari chili. It was rich and thick gravy. Sweet and tangy curry went really well with toti Mirch Paratha. Absolutely loved it.

❄ Toti Mirch Paratha (must try) - Layered Toti Mirch Paratha. It was well made and cooked to perfection.

❄ Bhakumas (must try) - Fermented whole wheat flavor. You just can't miss out on this one. Soft and crispy went well with the gravy. It was classic.

❄ Tuwar Dal Sultan (must try) - Subtle taste and had light spice flavors. I highly recommend trying this dal. It was simple and aromatic.

☸ Desserts

❄ Khajur Badam Halwa (must try) - Khajur badam halwa served with paan and Vanilla Ice-cream. It was delicious still can't get over this one. It was absolutely delightful.

❄ Pardeme Shahi Khubani Tart (must try) - Apricot Tart topped with Rabdi. It was served with homemade kulfi. Extremely fresh and mouth-watering. It was heavenly made my day. A perfect dessert to end such a royal meal.

Ummarao gives a modern contemporary approach to traditional Royal cuisine. Do visit this one for the experience of a lifetime.

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