Get Delicious Meals And Red Velvet Rasgulla For Dessert Till 4AM At Umraan In Bandra

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We tried Umraan, the small joint in the eatery-dominated lane near Mini Punjab off Linking Road, and what we loved the most about it is that they serve healthy, delicious food till 4AM.

What Is It?

Umraan almost looks like a cosy Italian eatery from outside {no outdoor seating/porch because, hey Mumbai} with bricked walls, a canopy and a big wooden door. The inside space is small, but we’re used to it. The seating is cosy with blue cushions scattered on a futon on each side. The tables however, could’ve been a little higher {our backs gave up after a while}. You won’t be able to chill for hours here {ain’t nobody got time for that} but it’s ideal for a quick stop before a movie or shopping spree. But in case you’re hungry at 3AM, this joint should be your go-to. They’re open till 4AM, doling out tasty food to satisfy those odd-hour cravings {keep it on speed dial for after-party food}.

Chow Down

Add another name to your dabba list while ordering in and around Bandra since Umraan is heavy on boxed meals. Their Yenna Bowl at INR 280 is flavourful and packs a punch with its spice content. For those who like to keep it subtle, give their Chicken Makhni bowl a try – it’s served with butter rice and has a melt-in-your mouth feel with nicely grilled chicken pieces.

We spoke to the chef and she let us in on the idea behind the eatery. The main purpose of Umraan is to provide nutritious, light, healthy {all their meals are either pan-fried or grilled} Indian meals that are prepared in 10 minutes. Not on the menu as of now, they’ve been experimenting with rajma hummus {yes} that is served as a dip. Apart from bowls, they also have on-the-go food such as wraps starting at INR 140.

We liked the spread of desserts on the menu – laalgulla {red velvet rasgulla}, gulabo {gulab jamun stuffed with rose praline, berry rasmalai}, and Flavourkhand {salted caramel shrikhand}, all priced at INR 80.

Sip On

They only have soft drinks to offer, so sadly, not a lot on this front.

So, We're Thinking...

If you’re tired of hogging on burgers and your binging gives way to guilt often, try Umraan. The food is flavourful, comforting and if you eat slowly, you can tell apart nutmeg and cloves in the curry. Keep this one in mind for those midnight munchies.