Marga-Write-A These Down: The Coolest Cocktails We Tried in The City

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There's 2 kinds of drinkers. The kind that sticks to what they know - certain beers, probably Old Monk, and maybe Whisky. Possibly Scotch, if that salary's just been credited. And then...there's that other kind. The kind that enjoys theatrics, presentation, and that experiential quotient. This list is for them... And you, if you'd like to be them. Read on!

Burnt Curry Leaf Martini at Masala Library

While we can harp on forever about how killer the food is at Masala Library, we're not gonna waste your time stating the obvious... So just don't miss the cocktails here, yo.

Our favourite is the Burnt Curry Leaf Martini - we love a drink that surprises us with its ingredients. Don't stick up your nose just yet...the curry leaf adds a lot of complexity to this gin-based drink. Don't knock it till you try it, you'll thank us!

Price: On request

Jokkmokk Kiss at Baraanaa

Baraanaa's menu is full of amazing cocktails, but this one's our favourite! Picture a rich, decadent Bengali sweet, transformed into a light-as-air and chilled cocktail. The Jokkmokk Kiss, though inspired by Sweden, reminded us of a sondesh! Vodka, white chocolate, saffron and lychee come together to build this one. The best part? The drink's sprayed with rose essence just before serving. Don't miss the uber-romantic rose petals in the drink!

Honourable mention: The Indian Sour, and the French Kiss. You've gotta try these 3 while you're here!  

Price: INR 695

Saat Rasta at Monkey Bar

Also dubbed "Trip to Arthur Road", this lethal drink is a criminal combination of Jagermeister, absinthe, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, beer, triple sec, ginger juice and... fresh coriander! Even though it sounds like a wine shop got robbed before this was made, it's surprisingly yummy. 

Price: On request

Shimla Mirch Martini - Social, Multiple Outlets

Arre, we promise we're not partial to martinis. While on the lookout for weird drinks, we were taken aback for a second to find shimla mirch on the bar menu...until we realized that some (possibly evil) genius decided to make a whole drink that lets actual capsicum grab the spotlight. The magic in this drink comes from the addition of pineapple, and that's what makes the shimla mirch a welcome addition. It tones down the pineapple's fruity sweetness, and gives the drink depth of flavour.

Price: INR 350

The Californian Plum, Star Anise with Lily, Lemonade Vodka, Smokehouse Deli

Yes, the name's a mouthful. But we promise a mouth full of this will have you buzzed with the happiest high. This is a fresh fruit, herb and floral infusion, and the amazing complexity of its taste has us ordering multiples.
We love the cucumber, basil and lavender one, too!

Price: INR 495

Sikandar, Bombay Canteen

The Sikandar is a mix of Captain Morgan Rum, white rum, brandy, pineapple, spices, clarified milk, green-tea-infused tamarind juice, housemade coconut syrup and lime. Yes... That's a lotta ingredients. But damn, the mix is seriously an art form. We love the addition of the clarified milk and green-tea-infused tamarind juice here! It's what makes it the perfect amount of sweet.

Price: On request

Touch of the Phoenix, Tresind

This theatrical AF drink is bourbon based, with a touch of dates in it. We're super tempted to use the wordplay on dates, but we'll avoid it. We love Tresind's polished AF take on cocktails, and since this is a signature mix, it truly embodies their spirit. It's a personal favourite for many of us!

Price: On request

Capi Madras, SamBar

We'll always advocate for more coffee. And that's why we're tucking Capi Madras at SamBar into this (pretty varied) list. This one's a super delish mix of coffee liqueur, vodka and cardamom. Paired with the fun South Indian fare at Sambar, it's a winner all around. 

Price: INR 275

Dirty Buns Martini, Dirty Buns

This is the only drink on this list that has pickle juice in it. We know, we know. This is the third martini on this list. But we also know that this list would be incomplete without a drink that sounds this weird. Never fear, though! It's still pretty damn delicious, and the saltiness is fun, and makes you want to sip away at it continuosly.

Price: INR 375

Dhaniya Daaruwala, Mannrangi

This Malad restaurant-with-a-view has a fun cocktail that had us loving on cilantro. Yep, that's possible. For every person who thinks the humble dhaniya is a soap-flavoured travesty that shouldn't exist... We suggest giving this yummy cocktail a try. A gin-based cocktail that has fresh pear juice, coriander and a refreshing kick of sweet chilli, this well-rounded wonder will have you repeating the order at least once. It pairs really well with finger food, too!

Price: INR 375


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