We Picked 9 Of Mumbai's Weirdest Cocktails: How Many Have You Had?

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Ten-Second Takeaway

There’s nothing an old-fashioned Cosmopolitan hasn’t solved for us. Though we love Sex And The City references as much as we love our cocktails, we have decided to unearth the most unique, funky and eclectic cocktails in town. LBB warns, don’t slurr too much.

Masala Tea-Cheers @ Bombay Canteen

Who says you can’t embrace your tea-loving self whilst out drinking? Bombay Canteen has a special cocktail brewed up for the tea craving people. Masala Tea- Cheers is a mix of Teachers, masala tea syrup, mint, lime and egg white.

Price: INR 475

Cha La Lai @ Yauatcha

All you BKC working office-goers, next time you hit the town post-work, buy yourself a Cha La Lai at Yauatcha. It’s created using vodka, Oolong tea, and is then topped with ice. It’s light and really smooth.

Price: INR 795

The Great Hornby’s Cloud @ MasalaBar

A concoction of whiskey, homemade spices, sugar comes the Great Hornby’s Cloud. It’s zesty, spicy and perfect for a chilly day.

Price: INR 395

Creme Brulee @ Radio Bar

It’s as delicious as it sounds. Think vanilla vodka, caramelised cinnamon powder and oodles of cream for a sweet martini.

Price: INR 420

Saat Rasta @ Monkey Bar

Saat Raata is a popular cocktail at the Monkey Bar {not for the weak hearted though}. We’ll tell you how deadly the combination is – Jagermeister, absinthe, vodka, gin, rum, tequila {not done yet}….beer, triple sec, ginger juice and topped with coriander.

Price: INR 699

The Pioneer @ The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar

The sophisticated cocktail is a tribute to The Pioneer {national }. It’s created with vodka, elderflower {for the soothing vibe}, curry leaves and wine.

Price: INR 850


You can also try ‘Not So Vanilla’ at the Monkey Bar. This one is for the sweet kicks, with the base of absolut, a shot of espresso, vanilla, cream and top it off with cinnamon. It’s priced at INR 350.


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