Poha Samosas Or Mawa Samosas: We Tried The Most Unique Samosas In The City

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We love the classic samosa as much as the next Mumbaikar, and as seasoned connoisseurs of the crisp, dependable snack, we've tried quite a few. Some of those, though, were hybrids, variations and experiments that wowed us. We listed our favourite crossover samosas - 

B Merwan’s, Grant Road

This iconic bakery outside Grant Road railway station is one of those legendary old school bakeries that still bake some of the best cookies, muffins, puffs and mawa cakes, and sell them all at super affordable rates. If samosas are what you’re looking for, their mawa-samosas are definitely worthy enough of becoming a favourite. Stuffed with generous servings of mawa, these savoury samosas are one of a kind, and definitely worth a try. 

Price: INR 25

Soam, Chowpatty

One of the most popular restaurants for serving authentic and delicious Indian comfort food, Soam in Chowpatty is another place to check out if you like samosas. Try their cheese and spinach samosa; samosa filled with stringy mozzarella and spinach, served with a generous portion of their in-house murabba.

Price: INR 305 for 8 pieces

Burma Burma

Have you ever imagined eating samosa in a soup form? The folks at Burma Burma did, and they liked it so much that they put it on their menu! The samosa soup is definitely a unique dish worth checking out in Mumbai- it’s a tangy, warm bowl of soul comforting soup, filled with spring vegetables, spiced black chickpeas and samosa.

Price: INR 330 for a bowl

The Bohri Kitchen

Everyone seems to be raving about their kheema samosas, but it’s the paneer and peanut samosas that we’re after. These samosas are stuffed with paneer and toasted peanut – soft, smooth and crunchy at the same time, and quick to melt in your mouth.

Price: INR 250

Patti Samosa at Samrat, Santacruz West

This one's a delightful fusion of poha in a samosa, literally. Sans the regular potato filling, which the samosa is known for, poha adds a refreshing taste to it – it did not leave us feeling guilty with our street food indulgence.  First the poha is made using onions, cabbage and poha. Once the poha is ready, it is used as a filling for the samosa, which is eventually deep-fried. This stall has been there for over 25 years now!

Price: INR 17

Egg Samosa at Eggelicious, Borivali

This hole-in-the-wall joint in Borivali is famous for this dish in particular! The samosa in this dish is stuffed with egg bhurji, and is served with a red masala gravy AND cheese gravy on top of it. It's no wonder that this is a popular comfort food for many in this part of town!

Price: INR 200


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