What Is It?

The chance of a lifetime to consume as many pizzas as you can stomach it awaits you every Thursday. The Playlist Pizzeria in Bandra has an unlimited offer tomorrow, if you want to test your limits this year.

Between noon–midnight, a single person can sit there and order unlimited pizzas to their heart’s desire, paying only INR 599 {inclusive of taxes} for the vegetarian options and INR 699 for the non-vegetarian ones.

Who Is It For?


Are you consumed, obsessed and haunted by the thought by having a delicious, crusty pizza every second of the day? No? Yeah, us neither. *looks around shiftily*

Even if you display a slight love for this famed meal and good deals, you will love this offer.

Why Should I Go?

They’re making you an offer you can’t refuse. As many pizzas as you want and possibly can consume in a 12-hour gap? Hell, yeah.

The pizzeria is small and rustic, making sure that they expend all their energies in the correct place: the kitchen. The pizzas are delicious, and if you’re one for words, are named after popular songs even. Dig into their poker face pizza with a straight face.

Anything Else?

Is there anything else left to say? Just take advantage of these blessed times, and hang around at Playlist pizzeria the whole day tomorrow. Worth taking a ‘work from home’ even, if you ask us.

Where: The Playlist Pizzeria, Shop No.1, Gloria Apartments, St. Baptist Road, Bandra West

When: Every Thursday

Price: INR 599 for unlimited veg pizza, INR 699 for unlimited non-veg pizza

Timings: noon–midnight

Photos courtesy: The Playlist Pizzeria