#LBBPicks: Leather Goodies From Daily Objects To Up Your Work Game

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Daily Objects

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Daily Objects has a dashing collection of elegant leather and suede sationery and accessories that we’re bookmarking for salary day.

What To Buy

We’re getting our hands on the chic felt and leather laptop sleeves at INR 1,295 {original price 1,695} as soon as the money hits our bank. We’ll probably splurge at little more on a tote bag at INR 1.295 {where else would we keep our laptop with that sleeve on?}. The collection also has stylish multi-purpose pouches at INR 595 made of a soft poly-cotton fabric.

The most useful of the list we find are the leather cable wraps. You know, the ones that prevent you from cussing while you untangle your headphones and charger cables? Starting at INR 149, we’ll hopefully sort out the cord battles that happen everyday in our bags.

There’s also the super cool pouches to keep the change {not a fan of the ‘Symphony of Coins’ composed automatically, when change is kept loose?} at INR 195,  key chains {INR 195} and eye-wear {INR 795} to keep it classy.

So We’re Thinking…

If you’re past investing in gauzy and flimsy materials, maybe it’s time to invest in some good quality leather craftsmanship. Up your work accessories game with these goodies.

Price: Starts at INR 149

Buy the items here.


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