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Learn About Mumbai's History While Zooming Around In An Open Jeep


    Urban Safari by Khaki Tours is a fun addition to your list of tools to explore the city and here’s why it’s awesome.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The brainchild of Bharat Gothoskar, it’s the cool new medium to go in-depth into the history of the city through stories. Now when we say exploring the city, we do not mean going to Gateway of India and reading about its history. While that may be nice to do on a Sunday evening, Urban Safari is about delving deep into why a particular building was made. With architectural knowledge comprising of about 30 per cent of the walk, the rest of it will engage you in stories about a particular area. BharGo, the venture that has been organising walks all over the city, came up with the idea of exploring the city in an open vehicle.

    For those who don’t like being on foot, this is a great way to sit back, relax and just occupy your mind with some knowledge about your city. They also organise customised walks for groups. Next team activity? Add this to your recommendations of off beat things to do. We think it’s also a great way for the elderly to re-look at the city and its heritage. There are headphones provided that let you zone out on the knowledge as well.

    How Does It Work?

    The tours are slotted in the morning {8am}, afternoon {4pm} and evenings {7pm} for INR 2,000 per person. In case of group bookings, you’ll need to shell out INR 8,000 for five people.


    If you want to see the city in a different light or have friends visiting who want to get to know the city, this is a fun way to do that.