Sweat It Out: Urmi Kothari's Workouts In Bandra Are Only For The Hardcore

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A Bandra gym, Kinetic Living, offers some of the most hardcore and effective workout solutions by one of the best fitness trainers in town, Urmi Kothari.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

At Kinetic Living, a variety of work out sessions take place – from calisthenics, to pilates, to kalaripayattu, HIIT and drills.

This studio has only recently opened up its location in Bandra two months ago {earlier classes were held at Tangerine}, is located pretty conveniently on SV road and is about 10 minutes from Bandra station.

Coach Urmi Kothari, who is also a Nike fitness coach, is the founder and other trainers such as Dheeraj under her take classes too. The classes are often divided into: strength, endurance, mobility. They have different sessions through the day – Clay for deep stretching, warming up and improving the overall posture of the body, calisthenics, recently introduced which invlves a lot of movement and using one’s weight to work out. Interestingly, it doesn’t end at pure work outs but also takes into account mental well-being as well with their Art Therapy sessions. These focus on creating a mind-body balance and involves activities such as mandala colouring, healing, and more.

The integrated fitness programme with unlimited classes in a month costs INR 9,300, and takes in account that you do different workouts on different days according to your personalised fitness plan. If you pick 10 sessions a month, that is for INR 8,400, a drop-in class is for INR 900. Personal training sessions are also offered, costings INR 22,000 for two sessions a week with the senior coach, Dheeraj and INR 30,000 for two sessions a week with Urmi herself.

So, We're Saying...

Tie those shoe laces and sign up for a class with Urmi now. She will make you test your limits and make the athlete in you sweat it out.

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