Use These Adorable Animal Cards To Say Sorry After A Mean PMS Streak

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These cute PMS cards by Alicia Souza are just the thing to say sorry with to your mum, girlfriend, and that person at work whose food you keep eating up. Not in that order.

Puns, Always Intended

We are fans of just about everything drawn up so cutely by Bangalore-based illustrator-designer Alicia Souza, who has got quite a charming way with her fun relatable drawings, and outright obsession with cats and dogs.

We love her PMS collection {stands for Post-mean streak, but we know what it really means}, which is full of ‘sorry’ cards made up of a very carefully combination of cute animals and puns, each for INR 120.

With an cow asking forgiveness for being moo-dy, duck apologising for crazy quack behaviour and a giraffe saying sorry for having a long face, who can stay mad at you?

So, We’re Saying…

We have stocked up on these, because there’s no dearth of people who get mad at us. But at least not for too long now.

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