Nupur posted on 14th June

Five Epic {And Actually Useful} Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who Has It All

Ten-Second Takeaway

Being a father is probably the most underrated job in the world. They are pillars of strength, have mastered the art of masking emotions and of course, help you file taxes when you can’t. With the father’s day round the corner, we compiled a list of cool gifts to give to this complex creature in your life.

The 'Where Are My Glasses' Dad

If your dad keeps asking you where the stapler is and why the scissors are kept on the dining table instead of his desk, it’s time to sort his life out a bit. Give him this all-in-one stationery kit priced at INR 769 that’ll stop his rants.

Buy it here.

The 'Cooler Than You'll Ever Be' Dad

Do you friends prefer hanging out with your dad instead of you when they come to hang? Take your dad’s coolness a notch higher by gifting him this cocktail shaker set priced at INR 1,407.

Buy it here.

The 'Petrol Kaun Dalwayega?' Dad

With the government always ‘fuelling’ the dinner time debate with price hikes that sends your dad in a tizzy, try gifting him this uber cool dispenser so that you can grab the car keys with confidence and slide out of the door with a smirk. This joy can be bought at INR 1,239.

Buy it here.

The 'I Miss You, Kid' Dad

He won’t say it. So, we found a way to tackle that. This ‘distance touch lamp’ works on wi-fi, comes in a set of two and every time your dad taps it, your lamp will light up, indicating that he’s thinking of you. You can reply by doing the same. Sweet. And all for INR 5,000 and above.

Buy it here.

P.S. Strictly for cool dads who won’t track whether you’re at home or not. Use this wisely.

The 'Rishtey Mein Hum Tumhaare Baap Lagte Hain' Dad

Do you and your dad often converse in cheesy Bollywood dialogues? If he’s a movie lover, get him this projector for INR 5,399.

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