Bamboo Facial Tissues, Vegan Makeup & Organic Clothing: This Brand Is Acing All Things Vegan


    What Makes It Awesome

    When it comes to fashion, more and more people (especially millennials) are getting conscious and opting for cruelty-free and vegan products. From leather-free bags to sustainable clothing, sustainable fashion is taking over global fashion trends. And, we’re absolutely loving this trend. 

    We stumbled upon Eco Trunk, an online fashion and lifestyle brand which sells cruelty-free, earth-friendly and vegan products. And this brand has got a lot on offer for men, women and kids. Their varied collection for fashion includes clothing, accessories and jewellery, bags and shoes, and so much more.

    For those who love makeup and beauty products, they’ve got vegan makeup, skincare products, natural hand sanitizers, essential oils and pain relief products too. We particularly love their lifestyle and home essential collection. Expect organic bedsheets, eco- friendly stationery and notebooks, reusable straws, bags and cutlery, clay cookware, bamboo facial tissues, natural laundry detergents, herbal fresheners and lots more.

    For women's hygiene, they’ve got sustainable menstruation products like organic cloth pads and menstrual cups. 
    Lastly, they’ve got an entire section for organic and vegan food products as well. You can opt for their vegan cheese, organic teas, coffees and spices, vegetarian meat, smoked tofu, vegan ghee, superfoods and a lot more.

    In a nutshell, this brand is like an online version of an organic and vegan departmental store, which we love. So, if you’re a vegan or are looking to adapt the vegan lifestyle – this brand is sure to keep you happy. 


    They've got an option for gift cards. Trust us, everything from this website makes for amazing and thoughtful gifts.