All-Natural And Pure Vegetarian Juno's Has A Pizza For Every Mood

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What Makes It Awesome

Juno’s Pizza makes amazing vegetarian pizzas. If you are fascinated by the idea of large portions, get this: they serve a 20-inch large pizza too.

You may or may not have seen this tiny pizzeria on your way around the city. But more than a place to visit, it’s where to order some good, not-so-greasy pizza from. They’re all-vegetarian, but that shouldn’t hold off a non-vegetarian from this, as they are delicious. Speaking of – you’ve obviously tried the vegetarian pizzas at Pizza By The Bay?

They come in three sizes usually – 8-inch pizza (perfect for slowly snacking your way to a fuller figure), a 10-inch pizza (that's great to share) and 12-inch pizza (for a more communal meal). As opposed to two-three measly pity green options, the entire menu here is veggie and has options such as the jalapeno popper pizza or paneer and peppers pizza.

You should try their House Special with cheese, garlic and capsicum as the classic accompaniment to a movie night. And if you're trying to stay healthy, they have a great variety of Vegano - no cheese, dairy-free pizzas that are great for a post-workout treat!