Relish A Wholesome Gujarati Thali At This Iconic Seaside Eatery In Mumbai

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What Makes It Awesome

Gorging on a sumptuous thali while enjoying the sea view sounds desirable, right? Well if you have the appetite and have been craving the sea, then Revival Restaurant in Girgaum is your haunt. 

The entrance is through a narrow lane with tall buildings on either side with an old-school classic look. The exteriors are beautiful and the carved railings just adds to the whole Rajasthani feel of this place. Recessed lighting, brass artefacts, servers wearing Indian attire and tables already laid down with copper thalis neatly covered in cloth automatically makes you award them 10 extra points for hospitality.

Revival Restaurant is a vegetarian place known for their wholesome Gujarati thalis – a lavish spread of dishes that includes dishes from various parts of the country. Their Revival Golden Thali is an unlimited thali that serves four vegetable preparations, four types of dals, served with types of rotis and puris, two types of rice, three farsans, a sweet (to be picked from a choice of three), chaas and aam panna along with pickle and pappadum. Fun fact: food is served in Kansa utensils, which have multiple health benefits. 

If you’re not in a mood for that wholesome a meal, there is a whole bunch of things to pick from their a-la carte menu too. Start with their lip-smacking appetizers including firaangi seekh, bhindi Rajasthani, amber Aloo, cheese garlic naan. For the main course, they've got an array of flavourful sabzis and dals. We recommend churma, paan ice-cream or gulab jamun to end your meal. What’s even better is that they make you rinse your hands the traditional way on your table itself, and serve after-food digestives in a magical lamp.

They have a fully active bar that serves all your usual choices. Besides that, they have an elaborate cocktail menus that comprises of sassy sangrias, #MakeItLong drinks, classic options like Bloody Mary and Whisky Sour and other signature choices like watermelon basil smash, passionfruit margarita and lots more. 


Head to Revival Restaurant for a relaxed, wholesome meal that will fill your tummy, and make your soul happy with the sea view.


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