Mumbai, Learn The Basics & Cycle Your Woes Away With This Outdoor Class

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever been laughed at for not knowing how to ride a bicycle? Missed out on Sunday morning cycling plans with friends only because you don't know how to ride? We stumbled upon Velocrush India, the mastermind of Abhishek Tarfe, a media professional who quit his job only to follow his true love - cycling.

Initially born as a blog, which later went on to become a one-stop-shop for everything cycling, Velocrush India has now ventured into something not many might have before. They have started cycling classes and they're for everyone between the age of 6 and 60!

Each session is priced at INR 650 (one session is equal to one hour). This will include a cycling instructor who will conduct a one-on-one session, a bicycle on rent and a bicycle helmet. These sessions are customized as per your grasping power and they aim at teaching all the basics in 5-7 sessions (some even manage in 4). Apart from this, Velocrush conducts cycling events, has a cycling rental facility (starting at INR 200 onward), repairs your cycle, and gives you beneficial cycling tips too. 

Currently, Velocrush India has two training centres, in Worli and Mumbai Central. To book a session now or for more information, drop them a message, they're quite quick with their responses. 


If you don't live close to either of their training centres, Velocrush India also sends an experienced trainer to your doorstep (no more excuses now), at an added cost.