Mumbai, Cycle Your Woes Away With This New Outdoor Class


    Ever been laughed at for not knowing how to ride a bicycle? Missed out on Sunday morning cycling plans with friends only because you don't know how to ride? We stumbled upon Velocrush India, the mastermind of Abhishek Tarfe, a media professional who quit his job only to follow his true love- cycling.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Initially born as a blog, which later went on to become a one-stop shop for everything cycling, Velocrush India has now ventured into something not many might have before. They have started cycling classes; they're for everyone between the age of 6 and 60! 

    Each session is priced at INR 650 {one session=one hour}. This will include a cycling instructor {who will conduct a one-on-one session}, a bicycle on rent and a bicycle helmet. These sessions are customized as per your grasping power and they aim at teaching all the basics in 5-7 sessions {some even manage in 4}.

    Currently, Velocrush India has two training centres, in Worli and Andheri. We've heard that they're coming up with another centre in Thane too; we're super stoked! 

    Are you two-tired yet?


    If you don't live close to either of their training centres, Velocrush India also sends an experienced trainer to your doorstep {no more excuses now}, at an added cost {of course}. 

    To book a session now/for more information, drop them a message on their website, they're quite quick with their responses. Additionally, feel free to take a look around their website for more cycling related tips and information.