Artisanal Cocktails, Fine Spirits & Fusion: Embrace Your Vice At This New Juhu Bar

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What Makes It Awesome

Have you been asked about what drink you want when you hit the bar? Do you, like us, don't really know what you really want to sip on (or gulp down) when you're in great spirits? Well, we'd say you head to Vice, the Global Tapas Bar, and leave it to them.

There's a famous tapri for cigarettes in Juhu which all you loyal Prithvi Cafe visitors might know of. The very same lane now homes Vice, which brings the culture of fine and luxury drinking in the neighborhood. With flavours and cocktails inspired by ancient cultures of multiple nations, this bar brings unique fusion to Mumbai's drinking scenes. Expect ingredients like honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, passionfruit etc. mixed with spirits to create artisanal cocktails and drinks. The interiors are humble, with some wooden chair, rugged cement walls that give this place an edge over the rest of the bars in the vicinity. The bar's about 86 ft long, and falling for its design won't take much time. Open from all sides, it shelves some of the finest whiskeys and wines. Also, the bar counter is made entirely with Mother of Pearls. You really will have to see it to believe it. While this piece of art is a show's stealer, we also loved their visual and lavish interiors. Expect lots of parametric walls and quirky artwork.

We started our marathon with (and loved) their signature cocktails like the Mafia which had some saffron infused whiskey among the other ingredients, and the very interesting and IG-worthy 'Am I Clear' that's got some Sichuan infused Vodka, flower syrup, lime juice, and a very photogenic real dried Kaffir Lime leaf. You could also go for their Boozy Fizz, Vice Paloma, Cuban Crush and Back Porch Bourbon Mafia. So, if you're looking for cocktails with twist, exotic ingredients and regional flavours, you need to check this bar out. 

For food, we digged into some Thai Basil Chicken, which in our opinion, was the showstopper. The thick paste that the chicken was generously coated with, simply blew our mind. There was some veg manchurian too, which might seem like a very regular dish to call for. But at Vice, it really is different. Apart from the basil chicken, the manchurian is one of the chef's special preps too. We'd also recommend the Laal Maas Bao here because the meat was soft, and cooked really well. In case you're looking for a wholesome meal, have their Green curry Risotto without fail. 

All in all, this new bar is a great place to head to on a weekend night with your gang or office colleagues even. And if you have a date that's been pending since long, call your BAE here and make the most of your weekends (or weekdays) guys! 


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