Vintage Decor & Rustic Look With Millennials

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What Makes It Awesome?

Millennials Eatery & Bar the place is near the Kala Ghoda in the fort and the place is very much Rustic look and a bit Of Vintage decor with hand paintings all over the wall.

And the main highlight is their Huge Bar Counter and they serve Continental, American, Italian & Finger foods. The restaurant has very much impressive menu and separates the corporate menu too. Which was the main reason why I loved it.

Their starters are very good and all tasted very delicious and the staff was overwhelming and courteous and the food service was also well good enough.

The drinks and food we tried there were:
1. Originale: It was an infusion of Cranberry juice and lime juice mixed with mint leaves and malta chunks. The drink was a bit sweeter as well as sour in taste.

2. Guava Mary: Spicy guava juice made with lime juice and mixed with Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce. The drinks had fragrant with spice and had salted rim.

Barbecue Chicken wings: The Chicken wings were well seasoned with the barbecue sauce and was sweet and a bit spicy because of paprika.

Molten Aloo kebab (must try): The dish looked very much luscious and could not resist from eating it. It was half boiled potatoes stuffed with finely chopped paneer, cheese, Chives, and green chilies. The food was too hot from inside but can't wait after seeing it.

Stroganoff Chicken rice (must try): The dish was too creamy and cheesy made with sautéed peppers & mushroom and Parsley rice. The dish is good in quantity for two people.

Truffle Chocolate Brownie (must try): Truffle brownie topped with lots and lots of chocolate and oven to make the chocolate melt all over the brownie. It was the best thing to end of with at Millennials Eatery & Bar.

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